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Join thousands of other businesses that are working even harder now to improve their social advocacy and build trust with their customers.

It's revolutionary!

Imagine one single repository for all your social content, blogs and eBooks, connected to a superhighway with which to send all your curated content to your employees for them to distribute to their own social networks, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, all in one beautifully made, simple-to-use app.

Imagine no more. Let's explain: we've got the answers to your burning questions.

Added value

Blurbs counts and charges you only when content is shared by a user from the web platform or mobile app onto their personal social network.

We do not count further shares or re-shares on a user's social network or communication app.

This means you can bring all your users onto the Blurbs platform, and only pay for the activity of sharing content, which is great!

Free trial

We have a Blurbs Cares - 60 Day Free Access Plan to use our platform for free, and can walk you through a DEMO of the platform to enable your purchase decision.

Analyse and measure everything

What can I measure and analyse when I use the platform? The simple answer? Everything.

Each time a user or advocate shares a Blurb or content to their network, the system tracks it. This not only gives instant feedback to the user about how their ecosystem is responding, but also lets you see centrally how content is performing across all your employees and their networks. Linking up with other web analytics, shows the complete journey directly to blogs and landing pages.

Is it easy to set up and train users?

Yes, our on boarding process can help get the platform up and running quickly, and is backed up by our online learning system, Launchpad.

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