How to grow your business with employer branding

An employer brand is the market’s perception of your company as an employer, but also describes your promise (or employee value proposition) to employees in exchange for their experience, talents, contacts, or skills (LinkedIn Business).

Attracting talented employees today is about more than just perks (although these are important, especially for millennials). It’s more about their alignment with your brand’s vision, ethics, and beliefs.

Building an employer brand and therefore a reputation as a good company to work for is crucial, as research shows 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job (LinkedIn Business).

So, how exactly do you establish your employer brand?

Start with the people who know your company best – your employees. They can share your brand ethos authentically and are likely to be connected to people with similar interests and profiles, and who could potentially be future employees.

The most effective way of getting employees to promote your company’s culture is via their social media channels.

You should consider the following to get your workforce more engaged with your employer brand:

Hone your key messaging

Establish a ‘word bank’ that employees can use for writing social posts to universally communicate your company’s values and what the experience of working for your company is all about.

Optimise social profiles

Encourage employees to update their online profiles so they’re current, professional, and attention-worthy, as potential candidates are likely to research current employees as well as the company.

Implement an advocacy program

Ask employees to post company news and updates, and to share job opportunities on their social media channels. Some may already be doing this but introducing an employee advocacy program standardises the process and makes it easier for them to share content.

To find out more about getting started with employee advocacy, click here.

Origin Blurbs helps you amplify the culture of your company, job opportunities and employer-branded content, thus boosting your employer brand.


Sud Kumar

Marketing Director


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